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Free Online Safety Training Courses  - Updated June 2020


Construct ED - Lists at least 30 free classes in various skilled trades, including Angle Grinder Safety, Table Saw Safety, Leadership...


Alison - More than 20 free classes in the skilled trades


Safe Facilities operations:  A full library of guides and training materials for a variety of facilities operations from OSHA.


Webinar on Trenching (ASSE) New! 6/29/20


Facilities managers on campuses around the country are transforming and creating new, innovative, and effective learning environments. They are charged with long-range planning, institutional stewardship, and overall facilities administration, and will benefit from other resources in this section, including areas on:


Design and Construction

Energy Conservation

Maintenance and Operations

Indoor Air Quality


Design and Construction

State Departments of Education and local building codes detail specific requirements that architects and facilities planners use in the design of new facilities. Each state may have different requirements.

When a school facility is modernized, care needs to be taken to ensure that hazardous materials are managed in accordance with federal, state and local laws and regulations. Hazardous materials that may need to be evaluated and, if necessary, abated include: asbestos containing materials, lead paint, lighting (bulbs and fixtures), caulk, thermostats, freon containing equipment, oil storage tanks (known and unknown), mercury containing devices, etc.


To provide the greatest benefit to water resources and the community, green infrastructure practices must be properly designed, constructed, and maintained.

Read more about design and implementation resources.


US Green Building Council / LEED


Exploring the Benefits of Trees (5/2020)


Construction compliance assistance – plain language explanations of environmental rules for the construction industry 


National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities


School Construction News


In the News: University of New Mexico develops sidewalks from sustainable materials 2/19/20


Energy Savings Plus Health:  IAQ Guidelines for Schools Under Construction


The School Advanced Ventilation Engineering Software (SAVES) -  a tool to help school designers assess the potential financial payback and indoor humidity control benefits of Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) systems for school applications. Find out how to obtain your free copy of the SAVES CD-ROM.


Indoor Humidity Assessment Tool (IHAT) -  a software screening tool that allows users to evaluate the impacts of various design strategies on indoor humidity levels in schools, including the use of energy recovery ventilation (ERV) systems.


Energy Conservation


New! Green Power Partnership lists top Colleges & Universities updated October 21, 2019


Learn more about Green Roofs:  A green roof is a living vegetative layer grown (on purpose) on the rooftop.  Green roof temperatures can be 30 - 40F lower than conventional roofs and can reduce building energy use compared to conventional roofs. Check out EPA's "Using Green Roofs to Reduce Heat Islands" for more information 


Campuses can achieve higher performance by targeting energy efficiency in operations and maintenance, typically reducing energy bills by 5% to 20% even without significant capital investment. Savings from lower energy bills canpay for building upgrades that enhance the health and quality of the students' learning environment.


ENERGY STAR provides a wealth of resources for campuses interested in reducing their utility bills, improving their energy performance, receiving recognition, and improving the learning environment. ENERGY STAR certified schools use 35% less energy than typical buildings and emit 35% less carbon dioxide.

Get Started with Benchmarking - Energy Star Starter Kit


Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Information (DOE)


State Incentives for Renewables and Energy Resources – Database organized by state


National Wildlife Federation (NWF) Eco-Schools


Learn about different sources of renewable energy (solar, wind, biomass/biofuels, hydro, geothermal)

Energy Management Systems (EMS) allow for central scheduling of large electrical heating and air conditioning components.  Systems are programmed to turn on in advance of students arriving so the spaces are comfortable when needed.  Energy management staff typically provide centralized event scheduling for weekend and after-school activities.


Energy Management Best Practices

  • Peak Load Management - A strategy that reduces peak electrical demands at facilities during the critical summer afternoon hours.  The strategy uses energy management systems to turn off large electrical air conditioning components at many facilities during the high demand hours each weekday.  To be most effective, staff should simultaneously sweep the facility to turn off unnecessary lights and plug loads.  These strategies can reduce peak load charges from the electric utility by 20-40 percent. 
  • Retrofit older ballasts - Upgrading ballasts and older fixtures, especially ballasts that do not contain the words "Does Not Contain PCBs" can dramatically reduce school energy costs. 
  • Calibrate thermostats to improve accuracy and comfort. 
  • Replace air filters regularly (as recommended by manufacturer) to improve air quality, extend life of mechanical equipment and save energy! 
  • Retrofit fluorescent lamps by replacing 32 watt lamps with 25 watt lamps • Lowest wattage and longest life lamps in the industry • For each lamp, avoid $27.00 in energy costs over the lamp life versus installed cost of $4.50 •1.6 year payback.
  • Consider LED lamps for their long life and low energy consumption • Look for lamps with the energy star rating or the ETL mark to identify bulbs that have 3rd party testing and certification.
  • Retrofit parking lot lighting controls with electronic time clocks • Keep parking lot lights off during the daylight hours • Allow tighter control of hours of operation • Automatically adjust for sunset and sunrise • Could save $2000/school. 
  • Modular Building HVAC Controls: Install web based programmable HVAC controls or occupancy sensors in modular buildings - average savings over $2K per year!


Maintenance and Operations


Methylene Chloride no longer permitted to be sold as paint remover 11/22/19


Information on Native Plants across the nation, compiled by the National Park Service.


Save Money with a Preventive Maintenance program for boilers. 


Refrigerant Recycling


Does sealcoat matter?  An informative fact sheet from the University of New Hampshire.


Read about Stormwater Management practices implemented at the University of New Hampshire.


Find out about the link between road salts and water quality when used during winter weather from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.  Learn more about the chemistry, different types of salts and effective money and environment-saving techniques.


Indoor Air Quality

ASHRAE IAQ Guide now a Free Download





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