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College and university student financial services (SFS) operations are regularly implementing improved technologies, responding to new policies and applying innovative strategies. Do you have a story to tell, a success to share, research to convey?

The NACUBO SFS Conference program committee invites you to submit a proposal to present a concurrent session at the 2023 Student Financial Services Conference which will happen in Philadelphia and online March 12–14, 2023.

We are looking for submissions that highlight an issue or topic of concern that will benefit an audience composed of bursars, student financial services directors, business officers, and others. Focus on how your institution addressed an issue, challenges you overcame, and effective collaborations.

The program committee will be evaluating sessions best suited to the needs of professionals at colleges and universities. Some key considerations as you prepare your proposal:

  • Include as much detail as possible about the presentation. Be clear about the content, how you plan to engage your audience, and what the takeaways will be.
  • Include 3 learning objectives. The learning objectives should complete the sentence, “After attending this session, you will be able to...”
  • Gear the presentation towards an audience at an intermediate to advanced level of understanding, rather than basic treatments or overviews.
  • All proposals must include at least one speaker from a college or university. For proposed panels, the number of corporate presenters may match but not exceed the number of presenters from a college or university.
  • NACUBO encourages submissions that include panelists that focus on our principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion.



We are seeking presentations on (but not limited to) the below list of topics. Note: while we are eager to see proposals including all types of institutions, we’re especially interested in ensuring our community college, HBCU, MSI, and small college members are represented on the program.

  • Audits and program reviews
  • Best practices in leadership
  • Campus partnerships—successful collaborations with other offices
  • Collection best practices
  • Communicating with students and families
  • Compliance case studies
  • Effective use of analytics and data
  • Financial wellness/literacy education for students
  • Going cashless and/or using innovative payment methods
  • Innovations in customer service, including in an increasingly remote work/study environment
  • Management of student loans—loan servicing, trends, future developments
  • Mergers and the effects on AR operations and staff
  • Servicemember and veteran education and benefits
  • Strategic staffing—recruiting, retention, cross-training, handling turnover, managing staff remotely
  • Student loan forgiveness and what it means for higher education
  • Student success initiatives, including institutional aid
  • Using technology to improve/enhance services and compliance


Guidelines for Submission

  • The deadline for submissions is Friday, October 28, 2022. Proposals may be submitted at any time until 5:00 p.m. ET on the deadline date.
  • Acceptance notifications will be sent by December 1, 2022.
  • NACUBO expects all speakers and panelists to be present in-person. We will not be accommodating online speakers or panelists for this event.
  • Submission of a presentation does not guarantee participation in the program.
  • Include all presenters that will take part in the presentation. Do not list co-presenters without definite commitment that the co-presenter will be on the program. The co-presenter(s) must agree to all the terms and conditions for participation. There is a limit of 5 speakers per submission.
  • All speakers must be NACUBO members for the proposal to be considered.
  • Each proposal must have at least one speaker from a college or university. Any submission that does not include a presenter from a college or university will be considered incomplete and will not be accepted.
  • Once all sessions are confirmed, all speakers will receive an official confirmation letter and must complete an agreement form to be confirmed for a session.
  • Speakers from colleges and universities who are selected through the call will receive a 25% discount on registration for the program.
  • Speakers will not receive any royalties, honorarium, reimbursement of expenses, or other compensation from NACUBO in connection with the program, unless otherwise noted by NACUBO.
  • NACUBO reserves the right to revise presentation titles or edit the session description of selected presentations for NACUBO promotional and program publications.
  • Proposal submission topics cannot be changed after the review and selection process.
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