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Working at an HSI with Northeastern Illinois University CBO Manish Kumar

Manish Kumar is Vice President of Finance and Administration at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago. In this episode, he joins our host Donna Schiele to talk about federally designated Hispanic-Serving Institutions, strategies to help grow enrollment, and the importance of understanding shared governance for the academic system.

“Like every institution during the Pandemic, it has affected our minority students very disproportionately,” he says. He talks about why it’s important to help those students stay on track during school and graduate on time. “The national trend has been enrollment going down overall.” He goes on to talk about how more students are moving out of Chicago and the state, and how that’s a challenge for them in their competitive market.

Join us for a conversation with Manish as he talks about the mission and vision to serve, the joy of seeing students on campus again, and doing what no one else wants to do.

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