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Virginia State University CBO Kevin Davenport on the Importance of Failure in Order to Succeed

Kevin Davenport is the Vice President of Finance and Administration at Virginia State University in Petersburg, Virginia. In this episode, Davenport joins Megan Strand to talk about the value of learning from every opportunity and why the saying 'if you’ve never failed then that must mean you're not trying hard enough' means so much to him.

"CBOs need to be able to really challenge themselves and to work outside of their comfort zone, not being afraid to fail," he says. Too many people fall into patterns of comfort and stop challenging themselves. It’s critical to always be finding ways to push yourselves to improve and become a better CBO. "In order to grow, you really gotta do something different, you know? And take yourself out of what you feel most comfort with."

Join us for a conversation with Kevin Davenport as he talks about how every opportunity of success or failure is a chance to improve yourself and how even a pandemic can be a good thing if you use it to become better and stronger.


Elizabeth LaRocca

Senior Director, Leadership Development


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