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Hear higher education professionals discuss their personal and professional experiences, including successes and challenges, as they unpack their lessons learned and share insights for listeners to apply to their own career development. 

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Katie Walker

Fostering Strong Teams and Seeking Challenges: Katie Walker

In this episode, Katie Walker, NACUBO’s Rising Star Award recipient, shares her path from academia to higher education finance including her insights on budget models, data analysis, leadership principles, and fostering career growth.

Angie Kraetsch

Lead with Empathy and Get to Yes: Angie Kraetsch

In this episode, Angie shares her unique journey leading finance in both city governments and higher education. Learn how she leveraged transferable skills while navigating vastly different organizational cultures and missions.

Melissa Hogarty

Kids, Careers, and How to Have Both: Melissa Hogarty

The episode provides an inside look at the challenges of identifying as a parenting professional, regardless of gender. Melissa offers encouragement, tips, and her story to inspire other professionals balancing parenthood and career growth.

Rick Anderson

Leadership Lessons From 35+ Years in Higher Education: Rick Anderson

Rick Anderson has found higher education administration rewarding for balancing his family and interests. Tune in for this great career conversation to hear more of Rick's insights.

Building Relationships and Communities: Beverly Walker

Beverly Walker shares stories from her own career journey that have informed her work and walks listeners through the process of creating VCU’s career communities. Tune in for more!

Shawn Norman

Relationships, Authenticity, and Overcoming Obstacles: Shawn Norman

Shawn Norman shares insights on relationships, learning from mistakes, and being yourself, gained over his career journey to becoming Iowa State University’s CBO. Tune in to this career conversation for fascinating insights.


Christine Simone

Director, Leadership Development


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