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NACUBO is pleased to continue work on increasing equitable student outcomes initiatives at colleges and universities, thanks to a nearly $3 million grant from Ascendium Education Group.

The grant is the largest in NACUBO’s history and will allow us to engage with 20 institutions that serve populations of at least 40 percent Pell-eligible students. Over the course of three years, NACUBO and the institutions that have committed to Guided Pathways or Tackling Transfer initiatives will work to create frameworks, tools, and models on how to implement student success initiatives that increase equitable outcomes. 

The work will build upon findings funded by a planning grant from Ascendium, which allowed NACUBO to engage with 54 member institutions. That project revealed that many institutions have piloted activities that increase equitable student outcomes, but that most have not yet systemically implemented the activities into their operating budgets.

The next phase will evaluate how to bridge the gap between small-scale programs that have proven effective and the challenges of widespread integration that would allow all students access to the benefits. Sova will continue to support NACUBO through the next phase of this project. 

This fall, NACUBO will invite eligible institutions to partake in the three-year project over email. Please contact Jim Hundrieser, vice president of consulting and business development, with any questions.

Contact Consulting

Jim Hundrieser

Vice President, Consulting and Business Development

(202) 861-2539

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