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To understand your future state, we create financial models and forecasts to clarify options and guide decision-making. As your revenues change, NACUBO Consulting can respond with pro-forma scenarios—at the pace and frequency you need.

During COVID-19, cash flow and cost drivers are more important than ever. In addition to models and forecasts, we can develop the presentations and overall narrative for your stakeholders. We help you examine and explain multiple visions for the future, all with a quantitative foundation.


Areas of Focus


Examples of Our Work

  • Projections linking revenues, expenses, and net margins
  • Funds budgeting and cashflow analysis
  • Short and long-term forecasting


Our Experts


Case Example

A small private school was concerned that its tuition and enrollment model needed refinement. Specifically, they wanted to understand if net revenue gains were possible through increased tuition or was their only solution increasing enrollment through new programs? NACUBO Consulting was asked to create a predictive model of the current pricing strategy and simulate increased tuition on yield and enrollment numbers, including program-specific tuition or fee increases. The school had worked with another enrollment firm prior to their engagement with NACUBO, but senior leaders wanted a deeper dive.

Among other findings, the model found that increasing student headcount by more than 125 additional students would require a significant increase in discounting and also result in decreased net revenue and unnecessary increased expense to support these additional students. As a result, the institution is now focused on modest enrollment growth with no growth in their discount rate, plus a greater emphasis on retention. The model also identified two groups of students who failed to attend despite expectations and, more importantly, a demographic profile of these students. Moving forward, these subpopulations will now be targeted with specific outreach and individualized need-based aid allocations.

By testing and recalibrating predictions, NACUBO consultants were able to advise senior leaders on their strategic enrollment goals, narrowing their focus to the most effective practices in a difficult time.

Contact Consulting

Jim Hundrieser

Vice President, Consulting and Business Development

(202) 861-2539

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