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Terri Dautcher


“Remember that not all students are clear about how the vaccine will be paid for, what it will cost, or if they need insurance to get it. If they don't have health insurance, they need to understand if and how they are still eligible.”

Terri Dautcher, NACUBO Consultant and Former Faculty Member at Plymouth State University

Jim Hundrieser


“You will need a testing protocol AND a vaccine plan for many months to come. This New York Times article is a good resource for thinking outside the box when it comes to testing.”

Jim Hundrieser, Vice President for NACUBO Consulting

Wendy Libby


“A bit of grace for everyone involved in the vaccine process will help us be at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19.”

Wendy Libby, NACUBO Consultant and President Emerita of Stetson University

Jim Main


“For on-campus vaccinations, have a thorough cleaning schedule—up to four times a day—for the area used for shots. Be sure that all materials (syringes and other medical items) are properly collected and disposed of in accordance with hazardous-waste procedures. Given how quickly we are all responding, don’t assume this is happening correctly!”

Jim Main, NACUBO Consultant and Former Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration and CFO for the University of North Texas at Dallas

Joanne Yestramski


“Attempt to get 100% vaccinated!”

Joanne Yestramski, NACUBO Consultant and Interim Vice President and Chief Business Officer at the University of Maine


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