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A College Education Provides a Lifetime of Value

The changing media landscape necessitates a new way of articulating the value of higher education. How business officers communicate that value is critical now more than ever.

Continuing public pushback on rising college costs, student debt loads, and workplace readiness of college graduates has fueled and reignited long-simmering debates about the role of higher education in our society and our economy.

In light of the current environment, NACUBO has launched the Value of Higher Education initiative that aims to counter the negative discourse surrounding the value of higher education, promote its myriad benefits, and shape public opinion toward a more positive perception of its contribution.

Below, please find communication tools, including infographics, success stories, and fact sheets, for your use in developing op-eds, presentations, or interviews with the media.

Business officers are uniquely positioned to articulate the value of colleges and universities to students, communities, and employers. We hope these materials will be valuable in accomplishing those important goals.



2017 Unemployment Rate

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Success Stories

Success Stories

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On-Campus Advocacy


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Power Point

Download the PowerPoint (Updated 2/5/19)


NACUBO member institutions that wish to tailor their PPT presentations should contact the NACUBO communications team for a customizable template.


Katy McCreary

Manager, Public Relations