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NACUBO Election Resource

Close races and an increased number of mail-in and drop box ballot collections due to the COVID-19 pandemic have delayed official election results in some states. NACUBO is striving to bring its members the most up-to-date election information as it becomes available. This resource, which was most recently updated to reflect the conclusion of the runoff elections in Georgia, is accurate as of Tuesday, January 6.

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The Latest from Washington

NACUBO On Your Side: February 22, 2021

Part of NACUBO's weekly newsletter, Current, "NACUBO on Your Side" provides timely insights on legislative, regulatory, and judicial actions, as well as updates on NACUBO’s advocacy activities, and more. Read the latest edition here.

Advocacy and Action: May-June 2020

Advocacy in Action provides business officers with the necessary knowledge and tools to speak up for the needs of their office. Find Advocacy and Action in the print version of Business Officer magazine or online at Read the latest edition here.


Coronavirus Resources and Advocacy Efforts

Updates on NACUBO's advocacy, relief strategies, and congressional action, as well as information about how your campus can aid in advocacy efforts, are available here. A full list of NACUBO's many coronavirus resources is available on our COVID-19 resource page.


Value of Higher Education

Colleges and universities provide immense value to students, communities, and society—and communicating that value is increasingly important. Business officers are uniquely positioned to articulate the value of higher education from a financial perspective. The tools below can be used for presentations, social media posts, media interviews, and more.

For the full toolkit, visit NACUBO's value of higher education page.


Video Resources

NACUBO partnered with a broad coalition of stakeholder organizations to produce these short, approachable, and highly informative videos on complex topics. NACUBO encourages its members to use and share these videos to explain how these policy areas affect campus operations.

Tax-Exempt Bonds


Facilities and Administrative Rates


2019 Perceptions and Priorities

Download the Slide Decks

NACUBO has created three slide decks to accompany our 2019 Perceptions and Priorities statement. Each corresponds to a priority highlighted in the piece and can be used in presentations and on social media. A handful of slides illustrate the same concept in different ways, allowing members to tailor their presentations to their audiences.

The slides are available exclusively to members. Endnotes are also available.

Slide Deck 1: Household Income is Not Keeping Pace with the Cost of College Access

Slide Deck 2: Providing Quality Higher Education Requires Significant Investment

Slide Deck 3: Higher Education Provides a Lifetime of Value

Note: On July 8, 2019, NACUBO updated slide deck #3 to correct a transcription error on slide #14.

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Navigating Congress and the Administration

Find your Representatives

Use this search function on the official United States House of Representatives website to identify your member of congress. You can find your United States Senators here.

Navigate the Federal Regulatory System

Use this NACUBO curated list of federal resources to better keep tabs on what is happening in Washington and learn how it might affect you and your campus.


Liz Clark

Vice President, Policy and Research



Megan Schneider

Senior Director, Government Affairs