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Cash Management Regulations

Final Department of Education Regulations and Summaries

  • Department of Education's final cash management rules (October 30, 2015)
  • Provisions that apply to all institutions receiving Title IV funds
  • Summary of provisions for schools with Tier One arrangements (school uses a third-party servicer to process credit balance refunds; the servicer also offers a financial account), Tier Two arrangements (school has an agreement with a bank/financial institution where accounts are offered and directly marketed to students), and Tier Two, Lower Threshold arrangements.
  • Flowchart to assist in determining which type of arrangements schools have with banks and third-party servicers.
  • Matrix broadly explaining the requirements for T1, T2, and T2-L arrangements.


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NACUBO Resources


Banking on Campus


Liz Clark

Senior Director, Federal Affairs



Bryan Dickson

Assistant Director, Advocacy and Student Financial Services


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