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The following resources will help colleges and universities navigate the changes mandated by the Department of Education, make necessary modifications to existing university procedures and protocols in order to stay compliant under new regulations, and to assist campuses as they address sexual violence on campus.

Title IX Overhaul

The Department of Education, under the Biden Administration, has announced its intention to make substantive changes to the current Title IX regulations. The Trump Administration had previously made its own set of changes to the handling of campus sexual assault under Title IX. Those regulations took effect August 14, 2020. NACUBO's analysis of those regulatory changes is available here.  

Title IX Compliance Resources

Federal Agency Resources 

ED Title IX Website (Launched August 14, 2020)

ED Office for Civil Rights Title IX FAQ (July 20, 2021) 

ED Office for Civil Rights Updated Title IX Notice of Interpretation (June, 2021) 

ED Office for Civil Rights: Title IX Final Rule (May 6, 2020)  

ED Office for Civil Rights: Title IX Final Rule 12 Page Summary of Major Provisions (May 6, 2020) 

Ed Office for Civil Rights: Webinar, Title IX: An Introduction to the New Regulations (May 6, 2020) 

ED Office for Civil Rights: Case Processing Manual (Effective Date: August 26, 2020)

ED Office for Civil Rights: Field Instructions on OCR Investigation Processing (Repeals previous OCR guidance and provides for a much narrower scope of OCR investigations)

ED Office of Federal Student Aid: Clery-related Appendix of the Federal Student Aid (FSA) Handbook (Updates the 2016 Handbook for Campus Safety and Security Reporting) (October 9, 2020)

ED: The Handbook for Campus Safety and Security Reporting (Updated in 2020 by the Clery-related Appendix of the FSA Handbook) (2016)