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After compensation costs, the second highest expense at most campuses is operating the physical plant (meaning the maintenance, repair of campus buildings and grounds). With specialized knowledge of capital asset management and budgeting, chief business officers, as well as their staff, have a unique perspective that can make valuable contributions to improving facilities and student-led initiatives on-campus.

Learn how you can expand your knowledge base to create a conceptual facilities framework that can impact your campus for years to come. Tune into these 30-minute videos, by yourself or in a group, to discuss potential opportunities and challenges facing institutions today.  The videos are designed to help you gather nuggets of wisdom on issues that pertain to the expanding campus financial duties beyond the balance sheet.

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Note - the informative sessions below are in the process of being loaded to a different platform.

Due to a technical issues, these links may not be available until April 2018 - check back to review these 20 -30 minute videos!


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