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General Operations     The framework of administration and working within the unique culture and alignment of mission to processes can be overlaid with principles of sustainability.  Engaging campus staff to evaluate operations - ongoing commissioning to verify campus operating at peak performance, assuring leadership has adequate metrics to evaluate strategic decisions.  

Bringing operations of physical plant into the core mission with inter academic  programmatic issues, offering sustainability that is integrated into  courses or research opportunities, bringing the operations of the institutions into the knowledge base of faculty and staff, service-related components,  the "living lab" development that is unit-based, student  or campus wide sustainability committees, campus policies, surrounding community partnerships and other unique program issues related to the campus.    

As learning institutions, a major impact campuses can have on sustainability is simply to educate their students and faculty about the issues. By supporting sustainable research opportunities and creating curricula which integrate sustainable topics into each department, environmental literacy improves and has the opportunity to create catalytic change in the institutions.


In the web series Expanding Financial Leadership: Facilities, Energy Efficiency and Sustainability there are now five  30-minute videos that will inform participants on how to expand their knowledge base to create a conceptual facilities framework that can impact their campuses for years to come. 


  • Business Case for Campus Efficiencies and Climate Change Questions from NACUBO's Sustainability Advisory Panel for business/finance officers to ask about the future.  

  • Carnegie Mellon University , Pittsburgh, PAFinance division finds efficiencies through strategic planning.  Clear discussion of financial plan, development of polices, capital budget process, enterprise content management, IT cost and development study all in response to strategic plan goals - includes future project narrative and website.

  • University of CaliforniaBerkeley, Calif.  Energy management and "myPower" program -reducing overall energy by working with all staff and students





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Check out other initiatives campuses have done. Food can be a huge operational expense both in sourcing and waste handling. It is also essential for health and well being of students, staff and community.

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View campus success stories from poster submittals at the 2018 Annual Meeting. These posters are a great resource of how to execute savings as well as how to display success.

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