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Learn how to improve your sustainability efforts and gain insights on issues that pertain to a variety of topics including capital asset management and budgeting. Find out the right questions to ask and explore ideas your colleagues have incorporated. 

NACUBO in Brief Podcast Episodes

The NACUBO in Brief podcast has many episodes devoted to campus facilities and sustainability issues and solutions. Find episodes on the list below, and subscribe on Apple Podcasts or wherever you prefer to listen.

Episode 8: Transforming Administration to Support the Academic Mission Ruth A. Johnston, University of Washington

Episode 10: The ROI of Smart Sustainability Fred Rogers, Carleton College

Episode 11: Sustainable Performance Improvement at UC Irvine Wendell C. Brase, University of California, Irvine

Episode 18: Taking Action on Energy Impact at University of Washington
Roel Hammerschlag, Hammerschlag & Co. LLC

Episode 41: The Public-Private Partnership Builds Steam at Syracuse Amir Rahnamay-Azar, Syracuse University 

Episode 45: Strategic Planning's Impact on Sustainability Efforts Ruth A. Johnston, New Mexico State University

Episode 46: The Science and Art of Campus Building Investments Jed Shivers, University of North Dakota and Steve Stabile, The New School

Business Officer Magazine Articles

Business Officer Magazine, NACUBO's member-only publication, has articles on a variety of facilities and environmental compliance topics.

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Campus Efficiencies Posters

Beginning in 2014, NACUBO has been proud to feature campus efficiencies posters every year at our annual meeting. Dozens of campuses have shared their successes in different areas over the past six years, and you can explore them all here.

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Campus Dashboards

See examples of campus dashboards that track energy and water usage and improve overall sustainability.

Sustainability Advisory Panel

The volunteer Presidential Council of  NACUBO's Sustainability Advisory Panel (SAP) contributes on a regular basis with case studies, presentations, and advice to align the business office with overall sustainability goals and carbon reduction.   

Check out these SAP members (former and current) campus websites on items/issues the campus is involved; 



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Reducing energy saves operational costs, eases utility infrastructure and benefits the community at large. Check out various initiatives that save operational funds, as well as inform students, staff and public. Note new means to advance renewable energy sources!


Review other initiatives campuses are using to conserve water. Due to either environmental or utility infrastructure problems, in some communities water is becoming the most expensive utility. Vigilance on conserving water can be cost effective, and it helps enlighten students and staff for the future.

Sustainability Finance