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Read articles, case studies, and podcasts related to higher education’s integration of analytics to achieve institutional strategic goals.



Higher Education Planning and Budgeting: Opportunities for Cultural Change in a Post-COVID Reality

The COVID-19 pandemic will have a lasting impact on how colleges and universities operate. Sherri Newcomb, senior vice president and chief operating officer, Queensborough Community College, shares observations and opportunities with NACUBO.

Analytics Is a Skill, Not a Tool

NACUBO's senior director of analytics, Lindsay Wayt, shares the importance of viewing analytics as a skill—rather than a tool—to effectively reap its benefits.

The Analytics Imperative

Former NACUBO president and CEO, Susan Whealler Johnston, makes the case for the use of analytics for strategic decision making in higher education; to propel analytics initiatives, business officers must participate in campuswide collaboration.

Ethics at the Core

This article calls attention to the importance of having appropriate data analytics policies and practices in place to ensure institutions are equipped to ensure ethical use of analytics and assure student privacy.

In Tandem

The authors of this article, one a chief analytics officer and the other a chief information officer, give insights into the importance of collaboration in campus efforts to make data-informed decisions to advance the college mission.


Case Studies

Change With Analytics

NACUBO collaborated with AIR and EDUCAUSE to curate case studies about the use of analytics at colleges and universities. Case studies on this resource page address topics such as the use of analytics to create efficiencies within student financial services, monitor and forecast enrollment, improve student engagement and success, and others.



CBO Speaks Bonus Episode: Business Officers Share Their Thoughts on Analytics

This bonus episode of NACUBO's CBO Speaks asks interviewees to share their thoughts on data analytics in higher education.

IHEP's Data-Informed Efforts to Help Students Complete and Succeed

In this NACUBO in Brief podcast, NACUBO's vice president for policy and research, Liz Clark, speaks with the interim president of IHEP, Mamie Voight, about her organization's efforts to create equitable and innovative degree pathways to help students and institutions.

NACUBO In Brief: Supporting Students From Low-Income Backgrounds

Titled “Bold Action Required: How to More Effectively Support Students from Low-Income Backgrounds,” the effort calls on higher education professionals to take action to support students from low-income backgrounds, including using data to understand challenges, making a commitment to underrepresented students, and investing in policies and practices that facilitate systemic change.

NACUBO In Brief: NACUBO's State of Higher Education Project

NACUBO’s director of analytics, Lindsay Wayt, joins Liz Clark to talk about the association’s State of Higher Education Project and how it’s a call to action to help CBOs see, react to, and use data about to address important topics.

Protecting Student Privacy and Information Security in a Federal Student Data System

In this NACUBO in Brief podcast, NACUBO's senior director of government affairs, Megan Schneider, speaks with Joanna Gramma, senior consultant at Vantage Technology Consulting Group, about centralizing a new set of higher education student and institution data at the federal level.

Lorelle Espinosa on Race, Equity, and Student Demographics in ACE's Latest Report

In this NACUBO in Brief podcast, NACUBO's senior director of analytics, Lindsay Wayt, speaks with Lorelle Espinosa, research vice president at the American Council on Education, about the association’s recent Race and Ethnicity in Higher Education report.



Lindsay Wayt

Senior Director, Analytics



Jackie Agustin

Manager, Analytics and Research


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