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NACUBO offers opportunitiesboth online and in-personfor business officers to engage with peers from a variety of institutions. As colleges and universities undertake the mission of effectively leveraging analytics in an era of data abundance and unique challenges, the value of connecting with institutions at various stages of their data journey cannot be understated. 

Share analytics wins, challenges, or exchange advice in spaces created to foster effective, data-informed decision-making practices.


Talk About Data and Analytics

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NACUBO's Talk About Data and Analytics (TADA) are interactive sessions with members that focus on conversation rather than presentation. Session content and discussion questions are informed via member input. Facilitators are selected among active volunteer members, adding diverse institutional perspectives and rich examples to the discussion.


Participants discuss and explore different ways business officers can leverage analytics.  Each 75-minute interactive session provides participants the opportunity to—

  • Share experiences, challenges, solutions, and resources  
  • Brainstorm and share strategies 
  • Network with colleagues at other institutions 


We encourage you to read the appropriate sections of Dr. Parnell’s book prior to the discussions. The book, You Are a Data Person, dives into enhancing your data mindsets and helps you identify as a data contributor—no matter your data background—and will provide a solid foundation for conversations with your colleagues.


You can also register for one or more sessions by clicking on the button below. Be sure to register at least 24 hours before each session you’d like to attend.


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Planning, Budgeting, and Analytics Forum

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NACUBO’s 2023 Planning, Budgeting, and Analytics Forum offers strategies for higher education goal setting and resource management.


Focusing on institutional planning, this must-attend event provides content to help business officers and their teams use data and allocate resources—including financial, facilities and infrastructure, and human resources—to support their institutions and students.


This year’s key topics include—


  • Addressing resource constraints
  • Communicating financial data
  • Exploring different budget models
  • Maximizing resources for student success
  • Scenario planning
  • Using data to inform decisions


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Online Data and Analytics Community

NACUBO's Online Data and Analytics Community is a space for members to pose questions, share resources, and discuss developments about higher education data and analytics.

 We encourage thoughtful discussions, collaborative problem-solving, and the exchange of diverse opinions and ideas.

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In this podcast series, hear colleagues, experts, and industry leaders explore issues, provide best practices, offer solutions to new questions that may not have been asked before.

NACUBO 2023 Annual Meeting

NACUBO’s annual meeting will gather almost 2,000 campus and sector leaders who are dedicated to the success of their institutions and students.

Upcoming Analytics Events

Build your analytics knowledge, skills, and professional network through NACUBO professional development opportunities.