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The following findings from the performance measurement project team's reporting survey, research and focus groups supported the development of a reporting toolkit:

  • Although many institutions report performance measures because of some external mandate, the format and content of the reporting is often not mandated and therefore flexible.
  • A gap exists between what many institutions feel is effective reporting and their current mode of reporting.
  • There is commonality of reporting goals between independent and public institutions.
  • Many institutions lack meaningful metrics directly linked to measurable strategic goals and objectives.

The toolkit seeks to aid institutions in development or refinement of a performance measurement system.

1.Goal and Metric Outline – This document identifies sample higher education goal statements and provides examples of metrics that may be used to measure those goals. Also included are potential national data sources for each metric.

The purpose of this goal and metric outline is to aid higher education institutions in the development of their own performance measurement system for use internally and externally. It is not intended to be all-inclusive, but rather provides examples of typical college and university goals and metrics that may be used to measure those goals. The outline is designed to serve both public and private institutions of higher education. Community colleges may need to make some modifications in order to find this tool useful.

2. Web Template (under construction)– An interactive tool that takes the content from the goal and metric outline and provides greater detail for metrics as described in the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) performance reporting criteria.

3. Goal Appendix– This list was developed by scanning the web for higher education institution performance reports. The goals are divided into categories relevant to higher education.

4. Metric Appendix – This list was developed by scanning the web to determine which metrics are currently being used in higher education. The appendix includes an institution frequency ranking.

5. Performance Measurement Resource Page - Articles and other resources to enhance your understanding of the use of performance measurement in higher education.

Member Feedback: It is our hope these tools will be of assistance in each institution’s strategic planning and monitoring process. All are working documents; we welcome input on additions and changes from all sources. We are also available to discuss specific performance measurement reporting issues with any NACUBO member institution.

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