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2023 Tuition Discounting Study

Data collection for the 2023 NACUBO Tuition Discounting Study (TDS) begins in October 2023. Final results will be posted in May 2024.See the TDS Glossary for definitions of key terms used in he upcoming 2023 TDS survey instrument.

Below is a summary of results from the 2022 TDS.

The annual Tuition Discounting Study measures institutional tuition discount rates and other indicators of institutionally funded scholarships awarded to undergraduates attending private, nonprofit (independent) colleges and universities.

The 2022 TDS includes data from 341 private nonprofit colleges and universities, and provides information on tuition discount rates during academic year 2021-22 and initial estimates for 2022-23. See also:


2022 Tuition Discounting Study Cover

How to Access the Study

The 2022 study is now available for purchase.

If you were a participating institution, you can access your complimentary copy by sending an email to

If your institution did not participate, you can purchase the 2022 study below:

Purchase the TDS


**NEW** Benchmarking Tool Update

We are pleased to announce that the 2022-23 TDS  Benchmarking Tool, created in partnership with Hanover Research, is now available. The tool provides survey participants with additional TDS data analyses that can help set institutional goals and relevant strategies. The tool allows participating schools to compare their institutional discount rates and other TDS results with self-selected groups of peer institutions. The tool provides TDS data from 2019-20 to 2022-23.

Visit the NACUBO Benchmarking Tool Frequently Asked Questions page for further information about this new service.

How to Access the Tool

To access the Tool, you must be a current NACUBO member that completed the 2022 Tuition Discounting Study. You will also need a unique User ID and password.

To find your school's User ID and password, please send an email to


Tuition Discounting at Public Colleges and Universities

In 2020, NACUBO explored the trends in institutional financial aid awarded to full-time, first-time undergraduate students enrolled in public colleges and universities. Although direct comparisons cannot be drawn between the analysis of public institutions and the TDS, the discount rates at public institutions were lower than historical discount rates at private colleges and universities due to variations in the sticker price of tuition and fees between public and private, nonprofit institutions, the availability of institutional aid (sources of funding) to award to students, and constrained state budgets, to name a few. NACUBO members can view the 2020 brief here on the Solutions Exchange.


Sponsorship Information

For more information about supporting the TDS, please contact our business development team at or visit our Corporate Opportunities page.


Ken Redd

Senior Director, Research and Policy Analysis


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