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Click on the year below to see a list of private, nonprofit institutions that participated in the NACUBO Tuition Discounting Study.

2013 Tuition Discounting Study Participants

2012 Tuition Discounting Study Participants

2011 Tuition Discounting Study Participants

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Public NTSE Tables

Public NTSE tables provide an overview of investment returns, asset allocations, spending rates, and endowment market values at college and university endowments and affiliated foundations that participate in the annual series of NACUBO endowment studies.

Before COVID-19, Private College Tuition Discount Rates Reached Record Highs

More than 80 percent of undergraduates at private institutions receive grant aid.

Historic Endowment Study Data

Historical endowment market values and investment returns, net of fees, for endowment study participants from 1990 to 2018