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An Intensified Focus on Advancing Resiliency, Managing Risks, and Transforming

Hear perspectives on how higher education leaders plan for transformation while addressing the unique challenges presented by COVID-19 during this collaborative video series from NACUBO and Huron.

NACUBO/Huron Series Introduction

NACUBO and Huron collaborated on the development of this video series featuring interviews with financial leaders from a wide variety of institutions. Hear their perspectives on how they continue to plan for transformation while addressing the unique challenges presented by the pandemic.

NACUBO President and CEO Susan Whealler Johnston introduces the video series and its relevance to transformation and risk minimization in this challenging time.

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Episode 1: Empowering Agile Decision-Making in Higher Education

Rarely has the road to crisis recovery meant taking unprecedented precautions for managing health risks of faculty, staff, and students while making decisions about which functions remain on campus.

Operating on shaky ground, David Gray, senior vice president finance and business, and treasurer, The Pennsylvania State University, talks about agile decision-making and detailed scenario planning in order to emerge stronger and better prepared than before.

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Episode 2: Financial Forecasting in Volatile Times

How does a volatile economy affect tuition, appropriations, investment income, and other sources of funds? How can higher education institutions perform strategic financial planning during a period of disruption?

University of California, Irvine’s chief financial officer and vice chancellor, division of finance and administration, Ronald S. Cortez discusses financial planning in the best of times and in these unprecedented times.

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Episode 3: Focusing on Performance Improvement: Innovative Plays to Consider

Now more than ever cost reduction strategies and new efficiencies are needed to ensure sustainable institutional success. Explore how to identify revenue growth and cost containment measures while delivering mission to students.

Hear how Cathy Provencher, vice chancellor for financial affairs and treasurer, University System of New Hampshire, balanced near-term needs and long-term objectives.

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Episode 4: Lead With Clarity: Creating a Data-Driven Culture Is Enhanced By Cloud Technology

While some institutions have struggled to quickly and effectively respond to the disruption created by the pandemic, others have accessed, analyzed, and acted on data to more readily stabilize and continue their mission in the current environment.

Hear what Brett Dalton, chief business officer, Baylor University, says about the benefits of business continuity and data transparency provided by cloud systems.

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Episode 5: Optimizing Your Academic Program Mix

Discover how CFOs can partner with provosts to produce the right program mix that aligns to institutional strengths and values.

Watch as Dr. Hesham El-Rewini, provost and senior vice president for academic affairs, Marymount University, explores methods for optimizing your academic portfolio and maximizes institutional strengths.

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Episode 6: Focus on People to Drive Greater Organizational Effectiveness as Part of Your Cloud Migration

Institutions of higher learning are fundamentally people-driven organizations.

Discover how Pam Cain, senior vice president, operations and finance, and Kristi Darr, vice president, university human services, Iowa State University, delivered on leadership and board expectations for performance improvement while maintaining engagement and productivity.

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This video series is brought to you in partnership with Huron

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