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In these uncertain times, campus stakeholders must learn to make the best decision possible in ambiguous situations where there is less than optimal information available and the outcome cannot be predicted. The case studies in this workbook focus on financial, cultural, and ethical issues that have occurred on many campuses and have the potential to occur on others. They raise issues that are not easily addressed or that are resistant to easy consensus. They provide opportunities to practice nimble decision making and engender a sense of shared understanding and responsibility.

The higher education community can use these case studies in a variety of ways to focus attention and foster discussion on operational and strategic concerns. Campus leaders can engage their constituents in substantive discussions about the impact of the issues raised by these case studies on their campus, helping faculty, trustees, and administration develop consensus about priorities for engagement, levels of resources required, and/or the need for reallocation of resources. The cases also can be used in a teaching or training environment. Because these cases outline contemporary campus issues, they are useful in either a higher education administration degree program or a leadership training program managed by a campus or higher education association.

Download your copy of Leading in Tough Times Workbook: Case Studies for Higher Education Leaders
By Brent D. Ruben and Susan Jurow


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