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Speaking at NACUBO

NACUBO professional development offers a wide variety of resources, including this web site, publications, live events, and distance learning programs that are conduits of invaluable information to our audience. We welcome proposal submissions that will share your expert knowledge and practical wisdom on higher education issues. If you're interested in presenting at a NACUBO event, please visit our Submit Content page for more information.


Designing Presentation Delivery

NACUBO staff is committed to assisting speakers at all of our events in making sure their presentations are a success. As you design your presentation, explore some of the tips and resources that we have collected for you so the presentation that you give and the one that you wish you gave are one and the same.

We have also created a series of brief video tutorials to help you design your presentation more effectively.


Presentation Ideas and Tips

Speaking at a NACUBO event is an opportunity for both personal and professional growth. The effort you expend to reach your audience will strengthen your communications skills in all aspects of your career. Below you will find some information we have collected for you to use to be a better presenter and ensure that you get the most out of your NACUBO speaking experience.


NACUBO Speaker Policies

There are many logistical details for these events and we will work with you in advance to coordinate, so your cooperation in responding by the various deadlines as communicated to you is very much appreciated. Please make sure to review your speaker agreement to verify specifics regarding registration and travel expenses.


Morgan Witter

Senior Manager, Educational Program Development


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