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Fred Rogers has been the vice president and treasurer of Carleton College since August 2004. Prior to coming to Carleton, he served as Cornell University’s vice president and chief financial officer for 10 years. Fred served as vice president of business affairs and chief financial officer of Carnegie Mellon University for 9 years before going to Cornell. He served for one year as the Executive Assistant to the Secretary of Labor and Industry of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, while on leave from Carnegie Mellon. After graduating from Carleton in 1972 with a BA in mathematics, he received an MS with distinction from Carnegie Mellon’s Heinz School of Public Policy in 1974 and began his career at Carnegie Mellon in Institutional Research. Rogers has served on a number of boards of Directors including EACUBO and the Council of Government Relations (COGR). He has long served as a trustee of the Lebanese American University, having graduated from the American Community School in Beirut while his family was living in Saudi Arabia. Rogers now serves as the chair of the NACUBO Sustainability Advisory Committee, and is the President of the Northfield Economic Development Authority and a member of Rotary International. Rogers has been a presenter at many professional meetings and organizations including: NACUBO, EACUBO, COGR and EDUCAUSE. While representing Cornell on the board of COGR, he served two years as the chair of the Costing Policies Committee and two years as chairman of the COGR Board. Rogers taught in the SACUBO/University of Kentucky CBMI Program and the NACUBO Executive Leadership Symposium before he helped to initiate the EACUBO/Cornell University Administrative Management Institute(AMI). He continued to direct and lead AMI each summer for 21 years, before retiring from that position in 2014. Rogers has written or co-authored a series of white papers with the Commonfund Institute on the subject of endowment management and giving that are available on the Commonfund website. In 1998 Rogers received the Alumni Merit Award from Carnegie Mellon University and in 2010 was selected as the Small Endowment Manager of the Year by Institutional Investor Magazine. In 2013 Rogers was named the NACUBO Distinguished Business Officer of the year. Rogers is married to his Carleton classmate, Jenny Hartley (’72). They have three grown children and one grandchild and live in Northfield.