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Nadia has taken a distinctive approach to diversify the University’s contract opportunities, by targeting the hiring of minority and women-owned firms within the difficult to penetrate professional services industries. In 2009, she instituted a first-of-its-kind symposium designed to connect local and national minority and women-owned firms within the communications, legal, human resources, money management, financial services, information technology and architecture/engineering industries to senior decision makers at the University and Medical Center. In 2010, her work influenced the historical hiring of the first African American-owned asset management firms to invest endowment funds. As a result of her laser focus on these opportunities, the endowment has since allocated $1.24 billion to 25 minority and women-owned asset management firms. Since the inception of the Professional Services Symposium, UChicago has paid over $145M to more than 95 MWBE’s.