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Financial Forecasting

In this special series, we bring you four episodes dissecting one of higher education’s biggest challenges: financial modeling and forecasting in the face of great uncertainty. NACUBO’s senior director of accounting policy Sue Menditto invites two experts in for the conversation: Larry Goldstein, President of Campus Strategies and author of College and University Budgeting, and Brett Matteo, managing director of The PFM Group and president of Synario software (formerly known as Whitebirch).

Part 1: The Value of Forecasting in the Face of Uncertainty

Unstable future revenues. Ballooning costs. Shifting demographics. For some, the challenges facing our institutions are no longer posing questions about what our schools will look like in the future, but whether our schools have a future at all. Even the most fortunate are concerned that there won’t be sufficient resources to sustain excellence — much less fund new ambitions.


Part 2: Run of the Mill

In our last episode, we made the case for the value of forecasting. This week, we dive deeper, discussing the process of forecasting with illustrations of how institutions can build a forecasting and scenario planning process that is grounded in budgeting.


Part 3: Sophisticated

In our last episode, we discussed how institutions can build a forecasting and scenario planning process that is grounded in budgeting. This week, we take scenario planning to the next level with examples of sophisticated applications that can help institutions see around corners.


Part 4: Retrospective Analysis

In our last episode, we presented sophisticated applications of scenario planning that can help institutions take their budgeting and forecasting models to the next level. In our final episode, our guests offer a survey of their experience working with campuses that have experience in using these more advanced analytical tools.


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