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Shared Governance as an Opportunity, not an Obstacle: DePauw University CBO Andrea Young

Andrea Young is vice president for finance and administration and associate professor of mathematical sciences at DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana. In this episode, Young joins host Donna Schiele to discuss her career journey in higher education administration, the importance of shared governance, and building consortium relationships.

"I think that oftentimes, particularly if one is new to higher education, shared governance can really be a big culture shift and can seem as though it is antithetical to change, that it's a barrier to getting work done," she says. Young goes on to explain how she sees shared governance as an opportunity for collaboration and sustainable change, not an obstacle.

Join us for a conversation with Andrea Young as she talks about leveraging the CBO's role as a strategic advisor, tackling impostor syndrome, and using consortiums to provide better student mental health services.

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