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Institutional Values and Individualized Experience with Haverford College CBO Mitchell Wein

Mitchell Wein is the Senior Vice President for Finance and the Chief Administrative Officer for Haverford College in Haverford, Pennsylvania. In this episode, Wein joins our host Donna Schiele to talk about his passion for the mission of academia and transforming lives, spreading your time across multiple goals, and how there are many differences between the private and public sectors but that they share many similarities as well.

“There are different ways to solve the problem or the opportunity or the challenge in front of us. Let’s talk about them. There’s pros and cons and trade-offs,” he says. He says he doesn’t come at these things anymore with the mindset that there’s only one way to get them done. “It’s really very similar in that it is analytical, it is conversational, it is collaborative. We did that in the private sector talking to clients, and we absolutely do that inside Haverford College today,” he says.

Join us for a conversation with Wein as he talks about how dining is a key part to the student experience as it makes it feel like a home away from home, talking about benchmarks with his team, and the importance of prioritizing goals.


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