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Putting Students at the Forefront with San Jacinto College CBO Teri Zamora

Teri Zamora is the Vice Chancellor of Fiscal Affairs at San Jacinto College in Pasadena, Texas. In this episode, Zamora joins our host Donna Schiele to talk about connecting to varied community college populations, giving your team what they need to become what you want them to be, and building in SMORs - Small Moments of Reflection - to your schedule.

“I try to build in five to 10 minutes between appointments so I can actually make notes on what I need to follow up on,” she says. She continues that it’s incredibly easy to forget those small details when you don’t take the time to make the notes. “Being too busy is not good. Try to build in to act on those things you just talked about,” she says.

Join us for a conversation with Zamora as she talks about what she’s brought with her from her past careers, being accountable for yourself, and the importance of always keeping students at the center of all the decisions you make.


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