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Thomas University CBO Randy Livingston on Personal Interaction and Learning to Shape Your Data

Randy Livingston is the Vice President of Finance and Administration at Thomas University in Thomasville, Georgia. In this episode, Livingston joins our host Donna Schiele to talk about his transition from the public sector and adapting to a different system, learning to get everyone’s endorsement, and the importance of learning to communicate with those who don’t speak the language of finance.

“As the CFO, while you’re required to gain support and consensus, you are getting that from people who don’t really know much about the financial world,” he says. He continues that you need a certain amount of desire to be as leading as possible to make sure they’re understanding the implications in changes presented. That’s the key to success in this role.

Join us for a conversation with Randy Livingston as he talks about the truth behind working yourself out of a job, shaping your data for each constituency, and the joy of working with people.

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