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Learning to Be Nimble with Clark State College CBO Doug Schantz

Doug Schantz is Vice President for Business Affairs for Clark State College in Springfield, Ohio. In this episode, Doug joins our host Donna Schiele to talk about working in his hometown, the importance of affordability, and the positives of the pandemic.

“It catapulted us much further in evolving as an industry than I think we would’ve achieved within even the next five to ten years,” he says. He talks about how it provided an opportunity to look toward the future of higher education as a whole. “We need to think about the evolving needs of our students. They’re getting used to on-demand learning. How are we going to support that?” He goes on to talk about thinking outside the box to keep up with the fast and ever-shifting changes in the industry.

Join us for a conversation with Doug as he talks about being responsive to the people they serve and why it’s important to adapt to different and evolving structures.


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