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CBO Kelli Shomaker and Nurturing the Relationship with Your Hometown

Kelli Shomaker is Vice President for Business and Finance and CFO at Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama. In this episode, Shomaker joins our host Donna Schiele to talk about spending time on the University’s vision, maintaining their mission through the pandemic, and the importance of town and gown.

“It’s really important that we take into careful consideration changes that we might make here on this campus and how that might affect the city,” she says. If they choose to grow their enrollment without providing additional housing, she gives as an example, that puts the burden on the town. As Auburn’s largest employer, they need to take all of this into consideration. “It’s a very good relationship, but it’s one that we understand that we need to nurture all the time as best we can.” She goes on to talk about the balance between city and school and why it’s important to pay attention to all aspects.

Join us for a conversation with Shomaker as she talks about setting an example, learning to get out of your comfort zone, and coming up with more creative ways to make higher education available to everyone that chooses that path.

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