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Salisbury University CBO Dr. Janet Wormack on the Importance of Networks and Mentors

Dr. Janet Wormack is the Vice President for Administration and Finance at Salisbury University in Salisbury, Maryland. In this episode, Dr. Wormack joins our new host Donna Schiele to talk about navigating as an African American female in a role that’s generally male-dominated, and the power of mentors and networks to find the strength to stay on the path to a successful career. “I am a big supporter of making sure you take care of the people behind you,” she says.

She adds that it’s important to be invited to the table at early stages so that you can see how those above you do it, and also be in a position where you can make mistakes and learn from those mistakes. Dr. Wormack appreciates the mentoring she received and believes that mentoring not only helps those coming up after you but also helps you improve and become a better CBO. Through mentorship and work, Dr. Wormack always stays positive about where she is and where she’s going. “My future always looks bright. There’s always something new on the horizon.” 

Join us for a conversation with Dr. Janet Wormack as she talks about advocating for higher education for all and why it’s important to have an educated society.


Elizabeth LaRocca

Senior Director, Leadership Development


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