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UMass Dartmouth CBO David Gingerella on Being Prepared for Change and Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

David Gingerella is the Vice Chancellor of Administration and Finance and Chief Financial Officer at UMass Dartmouth in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. In this episode, Gingerella joins Megan Strand to talk about learning to connect in the remote digital world and why it’s still important to have spontaneous conversations NOT about work, as hard as it may be.

"I have regular meetings with everyone but they’re much more structured. That’s not as personable as I’d like it to be," he says. Working remotely also means it’s harder to provide the transparency he's used to, and when you're working with numbers, it's good to be transparent. "What you don’t want people thinking is that this is 'The Wizard of Oz' and someone behind the curtain is doing all these kinds of things to the budget and they don't get to understand them."

Join us for a conversation with David Gingerella as he talks about the unique opportunity of being in a place to identify possible future CBOs, and why it's important to get out of your office and attend events and conferences, even if they are virtual.



Elizabeth LaRocca

Senior Director, Leadership Development


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