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Grand Valley State University CBO Greg Sanial on Not Letting Ambiguity Handcuff Your Decision-Making

Greg Sanial is the Vice President for Finance and Administration and Chief Financial Officer at Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan. In this episode, Sanial joins Megan Strand to talk about more frequent but shorter Zoom meetings can help everyone support each other and get things done, and why communication and decision-making skills are so critical.

"You’re never going to know everything," he says. Dealing with decision-making and ambiguity are critical skills for any CBO. It’s hard to learn how to make decisions when you have to base it only on the information you have. "You can’t let that handcuff you…. You have to know when you have enough information to move forward."

Join us for a conversation with Greg Sanial as he talks about the importance of language around the information you know when making decisions, and why a refresher course in crisis communications might be a good idea for all CBOs.



Elizabeth LaRocca

Senior Director, Leadership Development


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