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Midwestern State CBO Beth Reissenweber on Giving Space to Your Staff and Being Intentionally Compassionate

Beth Reissenweber is the Vice President for Administration & Finance at Midwestern State University in North Texas. In this episode, Reissenweber joins Megan Strand to talk about being an essential employee, keeping COVID off campus, and leading with empathy.

"It’s about enjoying the work, engaging folks, and making this a great experience," she says, "because we spend a lot of our waking hours together at work so we want to have it a pleasant and supportive experience."

Join us for a conversation with Beth Reissenweber as she talks about doing the work to support diversity, developing a great toolbox to be a better CBO, and using her creative side to develop promotions that helped grow enrollment at Midwestern.



Elizabeth LaRocca

Senior Director, Leadership Development


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