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Ithaca College's Bill Guerrero on the Growing Importance of Sharing Services, and Why You Should Schedule Shorter Meetings

Bill Guerrero is the vice president for finance and administration at Ithaca College. In this episode, Guerrero joins Megan Strand to talk about cash vs. crisis management, the rise in sharing services between higher ed institutions, and how these initiatives are critical in these times.

"That was kind of unheard of years ago to think of three completely different institutions saying, 'Let’s work together on some projects'," he says. "You would think that dining services is a competitive area, but we all buy food from the same places. If you can work together on that, you can get an economy of scale with that."

Join us for a conversation with Bill Guerrero as he talks about the importance of investing time into your people, keeping open lines of communication to find ways to work together, and why you should only schedule hour long meetings for 45-50 minutes.



Elizabeth LaRocca

Senior Director, Leadership Development


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