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Averett CBO Aaron Howell Develops for Diversity, Prepares for Demographic Changes Ahead

At the time of this recording, Aaron Howell was serving as Vice President of Business and Finance and CFO at Averett University in Danville, Virginia. This week on the show, Howell joins Megan Strand for a conversation on the changes and challenges facing the future of higher education.

"We all know what the demographics look like over the next six to ten years," says Howell. "It's going to create different levels of competition than we've seen over the last twenty years at least … that competition does interesting things." He shares Virginia's story of the shrinking pie of available students and how the economic and demographic challenges are forcing CBOs in the state to be more agile.

Business officers are in a unique opportunity to craft the next generation of finance leaders. His take: don't just recruit for diversity, but create an environment in which you're retaining your diverse staff, too. Join us this week for more lessons from seasoned finance leader Aaron Howell!

Update: Aaron Howell now serves as Vice President of Finance at Kennesaw State (as of 2/17/2020).



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