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Texas CBO Darrell Bazzell Demonstrates Brand Leadership from the Finance Office

Darrell Bazzell serves as Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at University of Texas at Austin. Two decades in public service taught Darrell Bazzell a few things. His experience working with governors and policy makers helped him navigate government and thus how to move projects forward in academia. “I think the thing that really carried forward was the ability to think broadly, to quickly diagnose an issue,” says Bazzell. “I understood how fiscal and administrative matters worked on a policy level. … being a creative problem solver is the skill that translated the most.”

This week on the show, Bazzell tells of his work navigating the waters of shared governance in light of decision making and leadership. He shares observations to help new CBOs around autonomy and ownership, and how to learn your institution’s inner workings in an effort to get things done as your portfolio — inevitably — grows!


Tadu Yimam

Vice President, Digital Engagement


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