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ASU CBO Morgan Olsen Works to Share the WHY of Higher Education

ASU Executive Vice President, Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer Morgan Olsen faces the value proposition of higher ed and works to drive change in public and stakeholder perception. He’s served higher education for over 30 years, but he cut his teeth on higher ed in public service, serving on the state board of education. The difference is striking. “Perhaps the biggest thing that’s changed … is the placement of higher education in society,” Olsen says. “When I was starting, higher education was something to aspire to, to achieve. … I think there are more questions about the value proposition of higher education. … As leaders of higher education, those are the things we need to be concerned about.”

This week on the show, Olsen shares how his experience has helped him in communicating clearly and proactively with the variety of key stakeholders in his universe. He shares the story of his partnership with Starbucks as a key relationship and example of new methods to meet potential students where they are. From strong mentor relationships to stakeholder management, Morgan Olsen has much to share — we hope you’ll join us for the full conversation today!


Tadu Yimam

Vice President, Digital Engagement


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