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Pierce College's Choi Halladay Leverages Faculty Experience as Teacher of Big Campus Issues

Choi Halladay serves as vice president for administrative services at Pierce College. He found his way into higher education first as a faculty member in economics and finance as a way to make up for his student experience with “too many bad teachers!” He started his career in higher ed as a faculty member, learning the ins and outs of the instructional side of the institution.

His experience in the faculty ranks has directly influenced his perspective as CBO. “I take my role as CBO as someone who wants to teach the institution about the kinds of policies we want to put into place,” he says. “I use my background in instruction to talk and teach” about the decisions made on campus.

This week on CBO Speaks, learn about the role of teaching as a key part of developing an engaged community of leaders, plus insights into shared governance, mentorship, and the value of the community college to the robust higher education experience!


Tadu Yimam

Vice President, Digital Engagement


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