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Thinking Differently with University of Maryland Baltimore CBO Dawn Rhodes

For Dawn Rhodes, shared governance made for a big transition as she moved from the private sector into higher education. “That first time you go through that process and try to get a decision made, you’re asking yourself, why is this taking so long?” But the value of the shared governance model, the balance and transparency offer key benefits in her role as chief business and finance officer and vice president for administration and finance for University of Maryland, Baltimore.

As CBO, investing her time with mentors has given her the opportunity to see far beyond her role in finance. Community relations, academic development, they’re all fair game in her search for innovation that can be applied at UMB.

This week on CBO Speaks, Rhodes joins Megan Strand to share all this, and her perspective on the biggest threat facing not only CBOs, but higher education as a whole. Join us and learn more from this seasoned expert in our field!


Tadu Yimam

Vice President, Digital Engagement


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