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CBO Phil Doolittle Sees Growth, Partnerships, as Key to Cutting Edge Service for the Adult Higher Ed Market

After 23 years at University of Redlands, CBO Phil Doolittle was ready for something new. He found it in Brandman University and their target population, adult learners. Today, he serves Brandman as executive vice chancellor of finance and administration and chief financial officer.

"We’ve created an environment were innovations are accepted and embraced by all the constituents including faculty,” says Doolittle. “What was most successful about this is the way the organization restructured in order to create a space where the programs for adult learners could be innovative and focus on effectiveness.”

How does the population impact the CBO role? “I have all the traditional functions that one would have,” he says. “One difference is that we have 28 smaller campuses that have to be managed … I no longer have one large central campus to operate.”

In addition, Doolittle has seen his role evolve into working to develop new infrastructure and systems around education delivery such as their industry leading competency based education system.

This week on the show, learn how Brandman has evolved, bringing the best of efficiency and process development of the private sector to the best of academic delivery for the growing adult education segment.


Tadu Yimam

Vice President, Digital Engagement


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