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Middlesex County College CBO Sue Perkins Entered Higher Ed for Broad Horizons, Grand Experience

Middlesex County College Vice President of Finance and Administration Sue Perkins was one of only two women Vice Presidents in community colleges when she took on the role. Things have changed today, thanks to hard work, persistence, and deep collaboration with a growing network of higher education professionals.

"When I look back on my career path, I realize now how important it was to talk to people, to get involved in other areas before they became my responsibility," says Perkins. She volunteered actively in areas beyond finance to learn the functions, and become comfortable in those areas well before they became her responsibility.

Beyond the college, says Perkins, get involved in NACUBO for the networking, for discovering the people to serve as your role models, both at your level and beyond. Join us this week for a fantastic conversation with Sue Perkins on mentorship, networking, and the power of understanding politics on furthering the mission of your institution!

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