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What economic trends today will set the stage for the future? How will legislative actions impact student financial aid? Are accounting or reporting changes on the horizon? Navigating the business of higher education institutions is a tremendous effort and requires knowledge about a variety of issues from finance to campus security. In this podcast series, hear colleagues, experts, and industry leaders explore issues, provide best practices, offer solutions to new questions that may not have been asked before, and think through how recent developments will shape their institutions in the months and years ahead.

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Episode 83: Why MSU Denver Chose to Raise its Minimum Wage

Chris Harder, Metropolitan State University, Denver and Bryan Dickson, NACUBO

Episode 81: Analyzing Student Data to Drive Satisfaction and Retention

Penny Evans-Plants and Zach Sherwin, Berry College and Bryan Dickson, NACUBO

Episode 80: Top 5 Higher Education Business Issues of 2023

Katie Walker, University of Virginia and Liz Clark, NACUBO

Episode 79: Higher Ed Enrollment Under the Microscope

Fabrizio D'Aloisio, University of Tennessee, Knoxville; Kevin O'Sullivan, Iona University; and Neil Gavigan, NACUBO

Episode 78: More is Possible with Higher Education

Bryan Dickson and Lindsay Wayt, NACUBO

Episode 77: What's Happening in the Nation's Capital?

Liz Clark, Bryan Dickson, and Ashley Jackson, NACUBO

Episode 76: Mergers and Affiliations in Higher Education

Michael B. Alexander, Lasell University, Kasia Lundy  and Haven Ladd, EY-Parthenon, and Liz Clark, NACUBO

Episode 75: Top Five Higher Education Business Issues: Meeting Students' Evolving Needs

Five members of the higher education community and Neil Gavigan, NACUBO

Episode 74: Top Five Higher Education Business Issues: Supporting and Maintaining the Workforce

Andy Brantley, CUPA-HR, Choi Halladay, Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges, and Liz Clark, NACUBO

Episode 72: Top Five Higher Education Business Issues: Navigating Resource Constraints

Laurie Bernotsky, West Chester University of Pennsylvania and Jim Hundrieser and Liz Clark, NACUBO

Episode 71: Top Five Higher Education Business Issues: Managing an Uncertain Economic Climate

Susan Fitzgerald, Moody's Investors Service and Liz Clark, NACUBO

Students on Campus

Episode 70: Vanderbilt University Goes Cashless

Chris Cook, Vanderbilt University and Bryan Dickson, NACUBO

Episode 69: October 2021 Legislative Lunchcast On The Go

Megan Schneider and Bryan Dickson, NACUBO

Episode 68: Get to Know the NACUBO In Brief Team and the Issues They are Following

Liz Clark, Megan Schneider, and Bryan Dickson, NACUBO

Episode 67: IHEPs Data-Informed Efforts to Help Students Complete and Succeed

Mamie Voight, Institute for Higher Education Policy and Liz Clark, NACUBO

University of Arizona

Episode 66: Winner of the 2021 Excellence in Sustainability Award: How Compost Cats Flourished at the University of Arizona

Dr. Ilse Rojas and Trevor Ledbetter, University of Arizona, and Megan Schneider, NACUBO

Heather McGowan

Episode 65: How to Better Prepare Your Employees & Students for a Post-Pandemic World

Heather E. McGowan, author of The Adaptation Advantage, and Megan Schneider, NACUBO

Episode 64: Leveraging HEERF Allocations for Student Success: the Texas A&M International University Story

Juan Castillo, Texas A&M International University and Megan Schneider, NACUBO

silhouettes of people with different appearances

Episode 61: Supporting Students from Low-Income Backgrounds

Lindsay Wayt and Bryan Dickson, NACUBO

NACUBO's State of Higher Education Project

Episode 59: NACUBO's State of Higher Education Project

Lindsay Wayt and Liz Clark, NACUBO

Episode 58: Strategic Finance and Courageous Leadership

Paul Friga, University of North Carolina and ABC Insights, Liz Clark, NACUBO

Episode 57: NAICU's Emmanual Guillory Reports on COVID Impact on Fall Enrollment

Emmanual Guillory, National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities, Megan Schneider, NACUBO

Episode 56: NASFAA President Justin Draeger Shares the Ins and Outs of Income Share Agreements

Justin Draeger, National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators and Bryan Dickson, NACUBO

Episode 55: The CARES Act Impact on Community Colleges

Brad Kendrex, Chandler-Gilbert Community College and Mesa Community College, Megan Schneider, NACUBO

Episode 53: Endowments: How are Colleges Responding to Current Needs Without Shortchanging the Future?

Tom Heck, Ball State University, Maeesha Merchant, The California Institute of Arts, Liz Clark, NACUBO

Episode 52: The Coronavirus Economy and Charitable Giving

Brian Flahaven, The Council on Advancement and Support of Education, Liz Clark, NACUBO

Virus Graphic

Episode 51: Navigating the Uncertainty COVID-19 Brings to Colleges and Universities

Susan Whealler Johnston, Jim Hundrieser, and Liz Clark, NACUBO

Graduation Caps Flying

Episode 50: Changing Societal Demographics and Pressure on Tuition Revenue

Pat Lane, Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education; Megan Schneider, NACUBO

Puzzle PIeces

Episode 49: What are the Challenges of Merging Two Colleges?

Mac Hisey, Berklee College of Music; Anne Ogilby, Ropes and Gray; Liz Clark, NACUBO

Financial Literacy Piggy Bank

Episode 47: Why is Financial Literacy Education so Important for Students and Institutions?

Doug Schantz, Wittenberg University; Bryan Dickson, NACUBO

Episode 46: The Science and Art of Campus Building Investments

Jed Shivers, University of North Dakota; Steve Stabile, The New School; Liz Clark, NACUBO

Sustainability Puzzle Piece

Episode 45: Strategic Planning's Impact on Sustainability Efforts

Ruth Johnston, New Mexico State University; Bryan Dickson, NACUBO

Financial Graph

Episode 44: Translating Financial Information

Sharon Heinle, George Washington University; Sue Menditto, NACUBO

Financial Health

Episode 43: Looking at Institutional Financial Health Using a Student-Centered Metric

Tom Simard, Massachusetts Department of Higher Education; Bryan Dickson, NACUBO

Analytics Graphic

Episode 42: Protecting Student Privacy and Information Security in a Federal Student Data System

Joanna Grama, Vantage Technology Consulting Group; Megan Schneider, NACUBO

Sustainability Globe

Episode 41:The Public-Private Partnership Builds Steam at Syracuse

Amir Rahnamay-Azar, Syracuse University; Megan Schneider, NACUBO

Financial Forecasting

Episodes 37-40: Synario Series on Financial Modeling and Forecasting

Larry Goldstein, Campus Strategies; Brett Matteo, Synario Software; Sue Menditto, NACUBO

Diverse Students Graduating

Episode 36: Race, Equity, and Student Demographics in ACE's Latest Report

Lorelle Espinosa, research vice president, American Council on Education; Lindsay Wayt, NACUBO

Oxford University

Episode 35: Higher Ed in the UK

Sophia Harding, Staffordshire University; Lucy Heming, Imperial College; Liz Clark, NACUBO

SHEEO State of Higher Education Report

Episode 34: SHEEO's State of Higher Education Finance Report

Sophia Laderman, SHEEO; Megan Schneider, NACUBO


Episode 32: Diversity in Portfolio Ownership

Juan Martinez, The Knight Foundation: Liz Clark, NACUBO

Globe and Grad Cap

Episode 31: Trends in International Graduate Admissions

Lauren Inouye and Hironao Okahana, The Council of Graduate Schools; Liz Clark, NACUBO

Mobile Phone Question Mark

Episode 30: Proposed Enhancements to a Federal Student Aid Mobile App

Colleen Campbell, Center for American Progress (CAP), and Bryan Dickson, NACUBO

Capitol Building at Night

Episode 28: The Government Shutdown and Our Research Institutions

Jennifer Poulakidas, Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities and Megan Schneider, NACUBO

Digital Learning Globe

Episode 27: Reflecting on Education and the End of Knowledge Discrimination

Peter Smith, University of Maryland University College

Net Neutrality Laptop

Episode 22: NACUBO and EDUCAUSE Supporting a Fair and Open Internet

Jarrett Cummings, EDUCAUSE and Megan Scheider, NACUBO

Capitol Building at Sunset

Episode 19: The Federal Impact on Charitable Giving - An Exercise in Uncertainty

Bronte Burleigh-Jones, Dickinson College and Liz Clark, NACUBO

National Profile of Higher Ed CBO 2016

Episode 15: Announcing the 2016 Chief Business Officer Profile Report

Marta Perez-Drake and Lesley McBain, NACUBO

Innovation Light Bulb

Episode 12: Trends, Innovation, and Hope for Higher Ed of Tomorrow

Bryan Alexander; Futurist, Researcher, Writer, Teacher; Bryan Alexander Consulting, LLC

Effective Management

Episode 11: Sustainable Performance Improvement at UC Irvine

Wendell C. Brase, University of California, Irvine

Sustainability Globe

Episode 10: The ROI of Smart Sustainability

Fred Rogers, Carleton College

Economic Sustainability Leadership

Episode 6: The Role of Faculty in Economic Sustainability

Audrey Bilger, Claremont Mckenna College

Economic Models Project

Episode 5: Introducing the Economic Models Project

Jacalyn Askin and Bob Shea, NACUBO

EMV Chip Card Security

Episode 3: EMV Migration and Beyond with Randy Vanderhoof

Randy Vanderhoof, Smart Card Alliance and EMV Migration Forum

Digital Transformation Butterfly

Episode 2: Transforming Purchasing Culture & Technology

Lauralea Edwards, Washington State University

Piggy Bank with Grad Cap

Episode 1: Cash Management and Student-First Banking

Anne Gross, NACUBO Joan Piscitello, Iowa State University


Each episode of the NACUBO podcast series - NACUBO In Brief is hosted and produced by Megan Strand and Pete Wright of Rash Pixel.


8:45 am–4:45 pm ET

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