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Having the Drive and Being Inquisitive with Purdue University Fort Wayne CBO Glen Nakata

Glen Nakata is the Vice Chancellor for Financial and Administrative Affairs at Purdue University Fort Wayne in Indiana. In this episode, Glen joins our host Donna Schiele to talk about the value of attracting international students, building a team with people that bring something new to the discussion, and being inquisitive.

“I want to bring people from different backgrounds, different regions, different countries to learn more from them,” he says. He talks about how as an organization, they only get stronger when they do that, not just as students but also as employees. “If you keep hiring the same people over and over again, what are you really going to learn?” He goes on to talk about why this strengthens their pillar of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Join us for a conversation with Glen as he talks about the importance of listening, learning to collaborate with everyone at the university, and always being transparent.

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