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Community College of Baltimore County CBO Melissa Hopp on Data With Heart

Melissa Hopp is the Vice President for Finance and Administration at the Community College of Baltimore County in Baltimore, Maryland. In this episode, Hopp joins Megan Strand to talk about the early days of being a CBO and why knowing how to learn and grow with the times is one of the most important development skills for any CBO, no matter where they are in their career.

"The skills, they change," she says. Whether they’re budgeting skills or learning to work with coworkers, or knowing which details and data to pay attention to, as systems are always updating. "The skills that you have today are not the skills that you’re going to need tomorrow."

Join us for a conversation with Melissa Hopp as she talks about why understanding personality assessments can help understanding coworkers’ approaches to work, and why there always needs to be heart with your data – remember, people are at the end of every decision.



Elizabeth LaRocca

Senior Director, Leadership Development


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