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Following the landmark Supreme Court decision that banned race-conscious admissions policies, the Departments of Education and Justice have released resources to assist higher education institutions in the pursuit of enhancing diversity and fostering opportunities. These resources include a detailed Dear Colleague Letter that guides colleges and universities on how to promote diversity while adhering to established regulations. 

The departments also released a Q&A to provide colleges and universities with a clear understanding of the Supreme Court's decision and its implications for their institutions. This Q&A resource serves as a guide to the legal avenues institutions can explore to attract a diverse range of students.

Among the strategies is targeted outreach and recruitment initiatives with underrepresented communities, thereby generating a diverse pool of potential candidates. The departments also emphasize the importance of building programs that provide meaningful assistance and resources to students from disadvantaged backgrounds, elevating their college journey and amplifying the resonant echoes of diversity.

The Q&A underscores the significance of implementing initiatives that not only guarantee the enrollment of students from diverse backgrounds but also empower them to thrive, graduate, and make a lasting impact on campus, ultimately contributing to a richly diverse academic environment. 

U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona has noted that these guidelines signify a starting point. He has emphasized the Biden administration's commitment to enhancing strategies that equip students from diverse backgrounds and various income levels with the necessary tools to lead the nation effectively.


Ashley Jackson

Director, Government Affairs


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