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As things move quickly in Washington, DC, NACUBO is your constant advocate in action. NACUBO On Your Side covers important legislative and agency activity NACUBO staff are tracking, what we’re currently advocating for, and how you can take action with us. 


Here are the issues we are tracking and advocating for this week. 

Agency Action

ED Reminds Higher Education Leaders of Obligation to Address Discrimination

On November 7, the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights released a Dear Colleague Letter to remind higher education leaders of their legal obligation under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to provide a school environment “free from discrimination based on race, color, or national origin, including shared ancestry or ethnic characteristics.” The letter comes as lawmakers across Capitol Hill scrutinize higher education for its response to discrimination—specifically, antisemitism—stemming from the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.


NACUBO and Others Critique Proposed Overtime Rules

In two letters, one led by CUPA-HR on behalf of the higher education community and another by the Partnership to Protect Workplace Opportunity, NACUBO joined calls for the Department of Labor (DOL) to reconsider its proposal to substantially increase the salary threshold for the overtime exemption under the Fair Labor Standards Act. Among other concerns, the letters highlight that the DOL updated the threshold only three years ago and that an increase would negatively impact employers and employees alike.

Higher Education Community Raises Concerns with Section 117 Legislation
In a higher education community letter led by the American Council on Education (ACE), NACUBO and 17 other associations provided comments to the House Committee on Education and the Workforce on the Defending Education Transparency and Ending Rogue Regimes Engaging in Nefarious Transactions (DETERRENT) Act, which would bolster foreign gift reporting under Section 117 of the Higher Education Act. While praising the legislation for clarifying definitions and changing Section 117 reporting to an annual report, the letter raises concerns with some new, and sometimes unnecessary, requirements.

Take Action

Register for NACUBO’s Next Washington Update

NACUBO’s next quarterly Washington Update will take place on Thursday, November 30, from 2:30–3 pm ET. The webinar is free for NACUBO members, and you can send questions in advance to 

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