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To help colleges and universities comply with often-challenging Form 1098-T reporting requirements, NACUBO has consolidated and refreshed three previous advisory reports (2013-1, 2013-2, and 2014-1) into Advisory 18-06, Guide to Form 1098-T Information Reporting. 

Because of a change in statute, beginning in January 2019, colleges and universities will no longer be able to report amounts billed for qualified tuition and related expenses (QTRE) in Box 2 of their 2018 Forms 1098-T. Instead, institutions will be required to report payments of QTRE in Box 1.

NACUBO’s guide reflects this change and is intended to serve as a comprehensive reference and road map for all aspects of 1098-T reporting. It includes:

  • Background and explanations for how to complete the form along with the relevant IRS and Treasury citations.
  • Checklists to help identify what types of payments should be reported.
  • Best practices for collecting student taxpayer identification numbers (TINs).
  • Guidance for responding to penalty notices for missing or inaccurate TINs.

Additional Resources Available

NACUBO’s 1098-T webpage also includes a number of helpful tools and resources.


Mary Bachinger

Director, Tax Policy



Bryan Dickson

Assistant Director, Advocacy and Student Financial Services


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